Why is Fear Such a Powerful Word All Over the World?

Why is Fear Such a Powerful Word All Over the World?

In 2017, the verse on ‘fear’ was downloaded 222 million times on You-Version. What was it about this word that earned it the first-place position for most downloaded word in 15 countries? 

Why were so many people enamored with this word? More importantly, why are so many people living in fear?

Fear is an intriguing word. Even in the Bible, it is one of the most mentioned words. There must be something distinct about it that made it to be referenced multiple times. Whether it is the fear of defeat in a challenging situation or the fear of any unpalatable outcome, millions of people all over the world are either living in fear or have something they fear.

For women, fear is an ugly reality of their daily lives, particularly when they live in oppressive societies or have to endure abusive behaviour accepted as norms of daily living. Women and fear are almost synonymous terms because many societal norms and religious teachings directly or indirectly place women in situations that should make them afraid. Many rules in some places appear to have been made to subjugate women. Women are living in fear of their fertility, families, spouses, bosses, religious and law enforcement institutions especially in societies that clearly accord women a second-class status. For Example, certain rules regarding pregnancy in the workplace. I have heard about policies where a woman who becomes employed signs an agreement not become pregnant in the immediate two years following her employment. Some rules are made to favour the male folk, # Gender Pay Gaps we hear and see you! if a woman finds herself in such an environment, she may respond in fear. Fear of losing her job if she confronts certain injustices or imbalances in pay at the workplace.

Lately, some women have started speaking against situations that make them vulnerable.  Take for instance, the #MeToo campaigns were a response to fearful practices that had been going on Hollywood for decades. Victims from this movement cited the fear of reprisals or stigmatization as the reason for their silence. Many more have not spoken out due to the reasons cited above.

Fear is a strong emotion and has the power to even exaggerate a disadvantage to dreadful proportions further rendering a person powerless to take a pragmatic step to address the issues that they are facing. Many times, if a person deals with the specific issues making him or her afraid, the person may find out that the problem is not as humongous or life-threatening as it originally appeared.

Fear can be tackled with a pragmatic mindset and specific steps that can enable you to deal with the problem in bite-sized approaches. You may be unable to conquer the entire fearful situation in one fell swoop. However, you may be able to achieve mini-sized success if you tackle specific fearful areas one step at a time.

Today, resolve to deal with one fearful situation that limits you from achieving fulfilling success. Albeit, do it with the wisdom of a pragmatic mindset and tackle each fearful episode one step or story at a time.

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