Another 365 Days!

Another 365 Days!

Praise God! It’s the year 2020!

Every New Year comes with reflections of the immediate past year and hopes for the incoming one. It may come with regrets for unfulfilled dreams and unaccomplished goals. Irrespective of what it comes with, for me, it surely comes with gratitude. It makes me appreciate God and the fact that I have just concluded another 365 years whilst still standing on my own two feet. The Bible says, ‘Bless the Lord, Oh! My soul and forget not His benefits.’ I bless the Lord today, the 1st of January, 2020 for life and other numerous benefits.

I have several reasons to be grateful for 2019. A few of them are:

  • I went out of my house to work throughout the year and always came back home safely
  • I was involved in what should have been a ghastly motor accident with a tanker vehicle fully loaded with fuel and I came out of my own vehicle unscathed
  • My kids went out to school daily and came back home safely; so also did my mum, hubby, siblings, sisters-in-law and other family members
  • My two brothers got jobs and permanent residence in new countries
  • I travelled with my family to a new country
  • I had a baby girl in 2019…
  • I was privileged to be a winner of this year’s “120 under 40” – a New Generation of Family Planning Leaders awarded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health.

These are a few of the gifts given to me in the year 2019. A songwriter says that there are 10,000 reasons to be grateful to God and I verily agree with him. In the New Year, reflect on the last 365 days and find reasons to celebrate Him.

Happy New Year!


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