My Mind on Meghan Markle’s Megxit

My Mind on Meghan Markle’s Megxit

Boy! Am I excited that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex is moving out of the UK to Canada? Yes, I am. My sympathies to those ‘hurt’ by her decision to search for peace and prosperity.

Frankly, it shouldn’t be any of my business. Firstly, I don’t know her on a personal level. Secondly, I have no links to her husband, son or family and thirdly, she’s no longer appearing on SUITS, the only TV space where I watched her on.

But in the past months, whenever I read many of the responses and comments to questions about Meghan on Quora, the online question and answer platform, they were usually filled with such bitterness that I had to wonder how people could be so comfortable talking about and hating intensely someone that they had never met or had any interaction with. It bugged me. You read more of hateful comments than any kind ones if you ever found one.

How do these online shenanigans sleep at night? The responses were vitriolic. At a time, I had to go and carry out a Google search on Meghan Markle and, lo and behold, the sentiments were the same.  I got to learn phrases like, ‘Duchess Difficult’ and ‘Pushy Princess’. People hated her and their reasons for doing so were baseless as far as I was concerned. Get a life people! Gosh, many of these responses sounded creepy!

Now she is relocating to Canada with her husband, Prince Harry and their son, Archie! Good job, Meghan! In all of these, I have learned some lessons. My major lesson from the whole Megxit brouhaha is that you can walk away from any toxic environment. Meghan just did and took her precious family with her. That’s a powerful lesson for millions of women stuck in unhealthy environments or relationships. Learn from Her Royal Highness, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. You can walk away. Those who wrote the vilest thing about her family and background thought that they had all the power; ‘power’ to abuse and distress a young wife and mother, ‘power’ to relentlessly wound a newbie in royal family just because they didn’t like her background, power to make her miserable!

The news surrounding Megxit issue is that they were all blindsided by the announcement that Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry would be stepping down as senior members of the royal family and … in my own words, ‘moving to a peaceful place to raise their son and also where Meghan hopefully won’t be attacked relentlessly by the unfair, sadistic and petty media.

I am happy for her because she won’t be in the same environment where the hatred is nurtured. What she went through was unfair. I cannot imagine her son growing up to read the vilest things about his mother and even learning that his paternal grandmother, Princess Diana, went through the same harrowing experience which led to her untimely death in the tragic chase by the paparazzi.

I’m happy for Meghan for one more reason. She was ‘chased’ away in life. At least, she’s still alive to tell her story. Someone in years’ past couldn’t. Like so many women in harrowing experiences in relationships, they can be empowered by Meghan’s classic act to walk away from the brutality of abuse even if it is just verbal or written abuse. I sympathize with many women who may not be as empowered as Meghan to walk away immediately. I pray that you find spiritual as well as social and financial strength to walk away from any abuse that could threaten your mental stability and health. Do all you can to protect the blessings that God has blessed you with, including your life and health. Some relationships are not worth the trauma. Learn from Meghan. Protect your health, your life, your sanity, your family, your baby, your assets, your talents, your gifts, your ministry etc.

Meghan did it and so can you!

Chidinma Writer

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