Making My Memorable Milestones…

\My cousin was buried a few days ago. He was only 41 years old. He slumped after giving a sermon one “regular” Sunday morning. We were in shock; still are. No one plans to go to church on a Sunday morning from their houses and end up in the mortuary by the evening. But this was how my beautiful cousin exited this world. His death has made me to re-evaluate how I perceive each day.

What do we call an ‘’ordinary’’ day? Regular Sunday is not ordinary or regular anymore just because it was not tagged “special something service!” Weekdays are not ordinary anymore “just” because I simply go to work and come back home to my family safely every day. Anytime I get home safely is a huge reason to become excited and happy because I was singled out to live. Many did not have that privilege!

So I mustn’t take it for granted. I’m listening to hundreds of tributes and watching thousands of online engagements as people mourn the passing on of two popular celebrities within four days. One was ill. The other travelled and didn’t come back alive. And then, I remembered all the times I fell ill, got admitted in hospital and still returned home safely. I remembered different times I travelled within and outside Nigeria and yet, returned safely to my family. I once had an incident when I travelled. An ambulance picked me up from the hotel to the hospital. After all the crazy bleeding experience, I travelled safely back to my family. A similar thing happened again in different city with another ambulance picking me from the airport in an emergency to the hospital and I still returned safely to my loved ones. I’m neither a doctor nor a pilot. I was simply singled out to survive and live. I’m not better than those who didn’t!

Life should never be taken for granted. With the avalanche of deaths recently, I can definitely agree that tomorrow is not guaranteed. No! Scratch that! The next breath is not guaranteed.

A few years ago, the obituary announcement in a newspaper page shook me terribly! Why! Because the announcement was of a girl who was born on exactly the same day, month and year as I was. But that’s not all. She died in a motor accident with her mother! Can you imagine that? Then, I thought of times my mum and I had made both local and international trips and returned safely. Not because we helped the pilots to fly the aircraft. No! Just because we were singled out to live!

As I struggled to comprehend the sense of their deaths, I felt the Holy Spirit echo Bishop Oyedepo’s words, ‘you are not special. You are simply privileged. Stay humble!”

As I process the grief from losing my cousin in his prime and watching thousands deal with their own grief from the sudden deaths of their loved ones, I feel that the Holy spirit is re-echoing these words “you are not special. You are alive today because you are privileged. Remain humble!

I will definitely stay humble and also enjoy every “little, ordinary and regular moments” every day. I’m not going to have a myopic sense of what milestones are anymore! Any hug or love from my hubby or daughters will be heavily appreciated. Any thoughtful text message will be appreciated. Anytime I get out of bed, get to work and return home safely, it’s a time to be excited. When I perform my grocery shopping, change diapers, wash baby clothes prepare meals, write reports, implement programs, write or read, comfort a crying baby; it’s a time to get excited and make a milestone! Every day and every activity is a milestone because the very act of even breathing is the biggest daily milestone!

Stay humble! Stay Safe!









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