Which Women Will Withstand Wicked Wolves?

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Every day, millions of women all over the world battle different kinds of wicked wolves. Wicked wolves are oppressive people, policies or positions that place women or other people in ‘disadvantaged’ situations. Some wolves are spouses, friends, relatives, neighbours, policies, laws, colleagues, bosses, politicians etc. Wolves may be dangerous but they are not unbeatable. The women who withstand and defeat wicked wolves are those who know their purpose and also understand that God has given them a special kind of power not minimized by fear. (2nd timothy 1:7)

I believe that when Jesus Christ talked about becoming like a dove when thinking like a serpent he was not only referring to his disciples who were about to embark on evangelism and missions. New Living Translation of Mathew 7:16 says, “Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves.’’ I believe that when Jesus Christ made the powerful statement, He gave his children a vital code for surviving and thriving in a world filled with all kinds of confusing issues designed to choke people and push them down. Christ understood the frailties of humans particularly women. That’s why he gave different principles and parables to guide our stay on earth as we battle all manner of wars daily. He described His people as sheep about to go into a world of wolves. Today, like before, Christ’s people are made up of men and women who deal with oppression and other debilitating circumstances and must find a way to eliminate, overcome or circumvent them.

Christ understood that oppression was a regular tag of the worldly people and he gave a code of wisdom to circumvent the wickedness that may live in our homes or is a member of our family or environment. I’ll use two women to explain the Snake-Dove survival strategy. Both women were dealing with relatives / spouses who made obnoxious rules that placed their well being at risk.

The first woman, Abigail, can never be described as a ‘bitch’ even though she approached the impending catastrophe in her home with a boss-like attitude. She was married to Nabal, the fool. Nabal un-intelligently refused to acquiesce to David’s request for food, thereby, infuriating the David and his band of 400 armed warriors who vowed to wipe out all the males in Nabal’s household including Nabal, By adopting tact, Abigail arranged food truly fit for an army, and covertly left her house without telling her husband so that she could save all the males in her household, including her foolish husband from the threat of death!

Abigail used womanly woos and food to appease an angry warrior named David and his band of 400 angry, hungry warriors. After speaking with David, he retracted his threat of death and praised Abigail for her wisdom in defusing a lethal situation.

 Although Abigail took the lead for her safety, sanity and wellbeing, she’s not a bitch! #AbigailisNotaBitchBook By her intelligent response, Abigail saved her entire household from bloodshed. Today, you should take the lead for your safety. You actually do not need anyone’s permission to do that! You’ve already been blessed by God Himself with a brain! You can achieve success when looking out for your wellbeing and that of your precious loved ones.

Do we talk about Tamar? Tamar is an elegy of woes! Barren and widowed twice after enduring wickedness in different marriage from two evil brothers, Tamar initially wore horrendous labels that placed her in a position of disadvantage. Tamar took her life back after she realized that she had to take the lead for her safety and wellbeing. She adopted stealth powered by good timing to re-position herself for destiny! She also got her late husband’s destiny on track using unconventional means that I would not actually promote. She, who was once derided as a prostitute and barren from two previous marriages, rewrote her narrative and later became celebrated as the righteous one who also mothered one of the ancestors of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bottom line to all the two story summaries above, trials, troubles and tragedies won’t stop! We simply need to learn how to wage wars with wisdom, not weak weapons! We need to take the lead for our safety and wellbeing even as we strive to live as model, godly and intelligent women.

Please read the everlasting Word of God so that you will understand how wise women win wars. Different problems warranted different survival strategies. There is no one-size-fits-all-solution to our marriage problems.  It’s up to you to think, pray and think again on how you can overcome the different challenges that you grapple with daily. God has blessed you with a brain, please use it and be empowered to thrive!

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