My story

Chidinma Writer

I am a cornucopia of wisdom passed down from generations of Bible-believing Christians who also taught me that for evil to triumph anywhere, good people must do nothing or keep quiet.

After listening to harrowing accounts of different women who contacted me via the female lawyers FIDA-Blog that I was managing and getting exposed to horrific images of women enduring unimaginable tragedies that could have been averted with the right information or life-saving tools, I decided to merge my everyday Christian personality with my career and social justice sides.

I also became convinced about the statement credited to Prof Mahmoud Fathalla that ‘’women are not dying because of diseases we cannot treat, they are dying because societies have yet to make the ‘’powerful’’ decision that their lives are worth saving.’’ The ‘women dying’ above statement should not be restricted to only the physical death of women, it should be expanded to include anybody especially women and girls daily oppressed by societal norms, rules or religion; to wit Christianity.

Thus, my writing are reflections of what scriptures and social justice really means to me. This background is what influenced my decision to become a lawyer. It also motivated me to align my interests in the international development sector where I have worked in various capacities over the last six years for the largest contraceptive social marketing organization in the developing world.

Just in case you begin to wonder if any of my humorous posts are connected to my purpose of spirituality meeting social justice, humour is one of my strongest suits. I absolutely love humour because I grew up in a family where humour was constantly used to defuse tension-filled situations or discussions or simply to pass on eternal truths or wisdom.

I also love life, family, friends and God but not in that order!

Please enjoy whatever you can get from my website. I am Chidinma Stella Onuoha (although many also know me as Adanma Ezeigbo) and you are most welcome!